Triple presence for Hardinge at MACH 2012

January 31, 2012

Hardinge Group is maximising its presence at the forthcoming MACH 2012 exhibition with two stands of its own and a further machine demonstrating workholding equipment on a suppliers stand.

In total there will be eleven Hardinge Group machines in fully operational mode at the exhibition with the main stand – 5438 in Hall 5 – featuring four Hardinge machine tools and four grinding centres from Kellenberger and Jones & Shipman.  In addition this stand will also showcase a Biglia multi-axis turning machine and a Quaser 5-axis milling centre, Hardinge UK Ltd being the main distributor for these brands in the UK.


Biglia Smartturn

A second stand – 4021 in Hall 4 – is dedicated to Hardinge workholding products and promoting the recently launched ‘ShopHardinge’ concept.
The Hardinge machine tools being featured are an XR1000 5 axis machining centre, a T42 Super Precision T series turning centre, a Bridgeport GX600 VMC and a GS150 CNC lathe.  In addition, there is a Biglia Smart Turn ‘S’ multi-axis turning machine and for the first time in the UK the Quaser MF400C, a 5 axis multi-face machine which features both tilting and rotary axes. READ MORE


What are collet stops and ejector stops used for?

January 24, 2012

Collet stops are used for chucking applications to eliminate push-back of the collet during heavy drilling or other endworking applications. This assures accurate repeatability from part to part. Hardinge collet stops are adjustable and machinable for the desired part length. Ejector stops will automatically spring-eject the part when the collet opens.

TF25-OG Overgrip Pick-off Collets for Citizen M20 and L720 Swiss Turning Centers

January 19, 2012

Overgrip collets, also referred to as over-the-shoulder collets, are used on a pick-off spindle when it is required to clear a shoulder and grip on a smaller diameter beyond. A good example of this type of part would be a screw. Hardinge has developed and now manufactures standard TF-25 OG overgrip collets for Citizen M20 and L720 lathes. Extra spread is required to open the collet wide enough to go over the screw head or larger diameter. Hardinge’s collet design incorporates teardrop slots and reduced wall thickness for maximum flexibility for the overgrip pick-off process.


‘Solid performance’ as Hardinge looks to 2012

January 3, 2012

“A very solid performance” was John McTernan, Hardinge’s Managing Director, European Sales and Marketing’s description of the UK company’s performance during 2011.With the organisation having met its targets for the year and – despite challenging market conditions – approaching 2012 with a deal of optimism he reflects on the successes that have contributed to the performance.

“We, like so many others, approach 2012 against a backdrop of economic uncertainty but the engineering sector is very resilient and despite predictions of gloom in some quarters of the media, we know from the feedback we get from our customers that while challenging, the mood is still fairly optimistic.

“So many factors are beyond our control but in many respects we said something not dissimilar 12 months ago,” he adds.

Landmark …

Looking at the past 12 months Hardinge in the UK has made a number of landmark achievements, the most notable being the introduction of the Biglia range of high end machine tools and the significant re-branding and launch of the ShopHardinge on line store. Both are beginning to significantly impact on the business with a number of confirmed major Biglia sales in the order book and significant levels of interest in the brand. ShopHardinge activity is running at encouraging levels and there are many new third party products now featured.

Not that the year past has been totally without its problems. “Sales activity has been running at very positive levels” adds John, “but the manufacturing side of the business (in common with most international machine tool manufacturers) has been impaired by problems beyond our control. The devastation caused by the Japanese Tsunami filtered down to machine tool manufacturers with a global shortage of many of the high precision components we are all so dependent upon. Things are slowly improving but the ability to fulfill orders in the time scales we would have liked has at times been difficult.”

Looking ahead …

“In 2012 our major focus will be on integrating our factory operations more closely with the sales side and optimising their activities,” John explains. “This will mean our sales and marketing activities will be able to focus on just that – selling and marketing.

“This will necessitate changes in the state of readiness that we ship units out in but will result in improvements that will benefit the customer,” he concludes.